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In UK there are approximately 300 legal online bingo rooms available on genuine license based from UK commission and day by day it is increasing. Friends here in topbingor.com we proudly present 10 top bingo halls of UK. These top bingo sites are ranked on their popularity, legality, security, payout system. These top sites are famous and popular among the people of United Kingdome. These top sites are even popular and famous among the people across world and in different country. People like to play these top online bingo sites sitting from their home and enjoy their facility and feature such as great bonus, exciting offers, mind blowing awards /rewards and many more things. Topbingor.com experts are playing bingo games from long time both online and real halls. They know all about these games & online bingo site like good point & bad point. To protect you from cheat, Fraud unauthentic spurious sites and to provide you the best offer our expert bingo team has carefully review all the happening bingo sites of UK and done lots of research work to bring best of the best and renowned bingo sites, welcome offers & rewards for you .players across UK are enjoying offers of these popular online sites and we are very much sure that you will also feel same experience from these top rated list. Our expert team assures you that above mentioned top bingo sites are ranked on their feature like their trustworthy, their payment mode, and their security. These top rated sites are the best reliable sites of UK .you can trust them blindly. All mentioned online top bingo sites are legally licensed; provide best customer support & fair gaming


1).Authentic Legal  License :- Without legal & genuine license no bingo site can be rated of top list .  Website owning genuine license for authentic licensing body are only eligible to get in the list of top bingo sites. Our topbingor.com expert follow all the rule and regulation of these licensing body and consider only those bingo site for top rating those who are certified form these licensing body of UK to provide you safe & entertaining experience. We strictly follow the rules & regulation of gambling act 2005 which control and regulate the entire commercial gambling industry of the Great Britain.
2).Variety of Bingo Games: -Apart from legality & authentication, variety & variation is another aspect which our expert brings into consideration. Because entertainment & good variety is only thing for which online players are looking for. There are various kind of bingo games like 90 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball games.  number of bonus opportunity & various exciting offers etc, they come on variety of platform like  facebook, video bingo , mobile,  real-time bingo houses there is endless list which a player enjoy. But there are also many online bingo site they are licensed but they don’t provide variety of games which dose makes players unhappy, they get bore. Our expert team have take taken special care of players entertainment & interest & presented good variety on top rated bingo site for you.
3)Exciting offers & Bonus :- Everyday we see new and fresh bingo site available for player on internet .In this competitive market, to attract player these site keep announcing exciting & mind blowing offers to attract people . These sites promote their online award , reward, offers , bonus and many more thing in such attractive way, that one cannot stop themselves playing and availing these best bingo offers . no doubt this is really good but among these attractive & catchy real time online bingo offers there are few fake &  spurious site which are there to cheat players . In topbingor.com our experts filter all the bogus sites & short list best offers in our 10 top list. We also put best of the best offers & bonus in our top list so player get best deal more reward, more gifts, more real time money and many more.
4). Customer Care/Support: - According to our experts team, a good & helpful support from bingo company is very important factor for satisfaction. Good bingo sites are always more than happy to assist their customers. While creating top list our expert consider the customer support aspect of different sites and put those site in top list which also providing good customer support to their customers. Sites with poor customer care are not entertaining in top list our ranking.
5). RTP or Payout Rates of Bingo Games: - well RTP (Return to player or payout rates) is defined as percentage of amount that players get form bingo sites. It is very tough to calculate payout rates of different bingo sites, because it depend on so many factor & lot of tips and Technique is involve in this. Everyone wants to earn more & more rewards. common people need to do lots of research  to get this accurate data , so while creating  top online bingo site list our expert also consider this factor & evaluate the bingo sites on the basis of their Payout Rate  so that our member can enjoy maximum earning form different online sites .
6). Different Payment Mode/Option :- at present there are so many Varity of money transaction method and mode of payment available in market provided by different banks and merchants like visa, PayPal, Neteller, Paysafecard,  Ukash etc.Cheque , cash, online many more. There is huge list almost endless. It’s tough for each and every person to get involved or have account with each and every payment option available in world. Every person are using different or have account with some particular payment mode or transaction mode. Our expert team strictly focuses on the kind of payment option that sites are offering to their customers. According to our team a good brand should offer maximum number of payment options to their members so that players can choose their convenient options. Bingo with good & number of payment mode/options are there in our 10 top bingo site list
7).Standard of bingo software program and their IT Desk: - We all know all online real-time bingo websites running on internet are operated through some programmed software and maintained by a group of IT professionals from backend. The performance of real time online bingo games website totally depend upon the quality & standard of software & It desk working behind that website. Every player wants to play smooth & stable online bingo games. Our Topbingor.com experts technically review all the IT related technical stuff before creating 10 top bingo site lists for you. Site having good IT desk and excellent software are there in our 10 top bingo site list. We never entertain those sites which have poor software performance or weak IT desk because poor software or poor IT can never provide smooth and stable online bingo games.   
8). Kind of Bingo Offers & Bonus: - There are end number of bingo sites in UK and day by day the this numbers is growing like anything and to attract player these popular sites frequently announce attractive offers, many bonus, exciting real time money awards reward any many more things .but all sites are not genuine & authentic few of them try to cheat bingo customers by announcing fake offers . Here in topbingor.com our expert only put those authentic sites in our 10 top bingo list those who are real and offer real awards rewards for players. Since there are huge variety in  genuine bingo offers so our game expert also  compare all the bingo offers available in market and rank top bingo site in such order so that players can earn maximum benefit after playing that bingo game site
Our rating system of top bingo site incorporate all above mention aspects and many more thing depend on real time situation and . Our expert teams are committed to provide online players best advice so that they enjoy bingo game at maximum level. We try each and every bingo games go through every details then rank then in the priority order. Our team never goes through word of mouth they play each game in depth then give their conclusion. We hope that our list of 10 top bingo site of U.K will help to find best online bingo games in all aspect like legalities, offers, support, payment options, fair gaming, etc.


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